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Lauro Alessandrini talent and insight gave rise to Pelletterie Avorio in 1985 with the objective of upholding innovation and originality in fashion.

Attention to production methods that ensure consistent high quality has been this entrepreneur’s focus as he chooses only the best Italian materials to ensure that each product is entirely made in Italy. The brand’s leather bags best reflect this idea of its core business.

Though destined primarily to a female market, its target age is wide. A woman who chooses a Pelletterie Avorio product loves to be noticed for her eye for fashion and quality of her accessories.

The brand’s style is unique and one of a kind, guaranteed by expert staff that ensure collections characterized by their freshness and high quality.

Throughout its evolution, the company has chosen to develop its men’s line composed of shoulder bags and briefcases.

Pelletterie Avorio is currently distributed in Italy, North Europe, Eastern Europe, Japan and US.

Avorio is real artisan leather goods

We are dreamers who believe in the great.

Beauty is around us and we are immersed and involved in it.

New ideas with good old workmanship using rich and high quality materials.